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Today I am halloweenishly happy and all excited. Why? Because I found my Halloween napkin story at Alternative Grounds Café. Yes, a napkin story.

Let me go back in time a few months. In June, a friend of mine had drawn my attention to a Tiny Owl Workshop project. They were looking for aspiring and emerging writers in Brisbane, Leeds and Toronto to submit Halloween flash fiction. 30 stories would be printed on napkins and distributed through cafés in those three cities.

How cute is that? – I thought. What an amazing idea! – I thought, and started scribbling. Required was a Halloween short story with a limit of no more than 300 words.

I was giddy with excitement when I found out, only a few weeks later, that I was amongst the 30 chosen authors.

Now, as Halloween is coming up, you can actually wipe your mouth and fingers with my story. And here it is – my Halloween flash fiction “Pumpkin Pie”: http://instagram.com/p/fXRbnlPvKe/


On the lovely Tiny Owl Workshop blog you can find more pictures of napkin stories: http://tinyowlworkshop.com/2013/10/27/halloween-napkin-stories-gallery/

The napkins are designed by Creative Emporium and have spooky skeleton fingers printed on the back.


Did you know that in German you can easily form really long words? This would be “Halloween Napkin Stories” in German: Halloweenpapierserviettengeschichten! 

Katja John, 2013