Who am I? The eternal question…

I rose from dusty, authority-grey mountains of files and ventured out into the wide world beyond.

Shortly after my 30th birthday, I left Germany and moved to Canada. Far away from home, I finally rediscovered myself and my old love for poetry. Both I had lost somewhen between adolescence and everyday-work.

Even as a child I was fascinated by poetry. Until today, I feel a bit sentimental when I think of one of my first poems. Regenbogenbäume (Rainbow Trees) – very childlike, dreamy and yet somehow grown-up.

Along with other texts on ruled or squared paper, this poem is sitting in a dark box. Scribbled words, letters in calligraphy, typed stories and hand written poems awaiting daylight…

My dearly-loved friends and family have encouraged me not to hide my scribblings in the dark of a box. Which is why I dedicate this blog to poems and short stories in German and English.

And who is Carson?


Recently, Carson the Cat became an important part of my life. He is a patient listener and uncritical critic to my writing. And because I love Carson and Carson likes my poems and the internet loves cats – this blog is dedicated to my cat as well.

Find my German writing on KaterCarson:


You can also find the kitty on Facebook!

And Twitter…      


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    I have nominated your blog for the Award of Excellence.

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